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Hermits escape from society, find freedomin nature


(CNN) -- Deep in the untouched areasof Ukraine and Russia live menwho have decided to leave human establishments and liveisolated in nature.


Photographer Danila Tkachenko trackedsome of them down by calling local authorities, park rangers, newspapers andnature reserves, though it's difficult to track down a man who has chosen to belost.

摄影师 Danila Tkachenko通过联系有关当局、公园管理员、报社和自然保护区追踪到了他们当中一些人的足迹,虽然要找到一个选择从人们视野中消失的人并非易事。

"Often the information is notaccurate, so many trips went in vain," Tkachenko said.


The hermits live in homes made of localresources -- lumber, burrows in the ground or caves -- and eat what they huntor gather. If they fall ill, Tkachenko said, they live with the condition ortreat themselves with folk methods. He said one man lost his vision completelybut continues to live by himself in the woods.


Occasionally the men see tourists, huntersor guests like Tkachenko, though typically they arealone.


"Communication with people has beenbroken off and left in the past," he said.


The names of the hermits have no relevancebecause they are extricated socially, Tkachenko said, and he chose to notinclude them in his photo captions. Many of them don't even have documents, hesaid.
He spent a few days with each man beforetaking photos. He chose to shoot on film because it draws less attention andbecause some of the religious hermits do not like digital technology, he said.


Despite, or maybe because of theirisolation, Tkachenko found that the men were open and talkative.


"They are close to nature and live inharmony with it," he said. "For them, it is freedom."

Tkachenko grew up in a city but has alwaysbeen drawn to nature.


"For me it's a place where I can hideand feel the real me, my true self, out of social context," he wrote inhis project description.

He wrote that he is concerned with internalfreedom and whether it is possible when constrained by social obligations andschedules.


"School, work, family -- once in thiscycle, you are a prisoner of your own position and have to do what you'resupposed to," he said. "You should be pragmatic and strong, or becomean outcast or a lunatic. How (do you) remain yourself in the midst ofthis?"


X-Files Trust No One How come these hermits never mentionanything about seeing a Yeti, or a Sasquatch out in their environment
  Realistic84 • 5 days ago It is a test of character. I wonder howmany people could live like this for even one year. I am guessing the morepowerful and rich the less likely they can endure this lifestyle.
Jahir Ramirez-segura • 5 days ago Cool
  Egon_Spangler • 5 days ago Very interesting. I am sure I couldn't dowhat they're doing, but honestly there are times when something like this seemsappealing. Maybe it is just me, but modern life seems so gosh darn overwhelmingsometimes. Always seven things that need doing demanded by seven differentpeople all of whom feel that they are the priority.
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