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苹果公司CEO蒂姆·库克承诺称中方看不到你的iMessages [美国网贴]

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The Chinese government’s requirement that data be stored on servers within the country has sparked ongoing concerns about privacy. Apple CEO Tim Cook is trying to put some of those fears to rest.


“The same encryption that Apple uses in the United States and in the United Kingdom and in France and in the UAE is the same encryption we use in China” Cook said Monday in an interview with NPR.


The location of data storage isn’t equivalent to access Cook said adding that Apple doesn’t record or store any iMessages. Earlier this year to comply with new laws Apple began storing iCloud data in China — the world’s largest phone market with about 131 million iPhone users. That iCloud data includes messages emails and photos backed up from Apple devices. The storage relocation prompted privacy advocates to question whether Chinese authorities would have easier access to user data.


“Messages for us are end-to-end encrypted” Cook told NPR. “Apple doesn’t know what you’re saying we don’t have a record of it we don’t store it. We don’t have a key to it right? The key is with the sender and the receiver.”


Apple is often on the front lines of privacy protection and has refused to sell customer data or to give the US government a backdoor key to users’ data.


Cook further announced Monday at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference that the company will add a function on its Safari browser to block third-party trackers on websites including Facebook. The company will also end so-called fingerprinting which allows third parties to identify your device through data.


To Cook and Apple privacy is “one of these key civil liberties that define what it means to be an American” he told CNN.


Apple didn’t immediately respond to CNET’s request for comment.



CartoonsTroll R26; 9 hours ago
Just because we put the bunny in the same cage as the lion doesn’t mean it is food for the lion


drfillgood R26; 19 hours ago
Except China leads the world in both quantum computing and supercomputing. Which means if any country can beat encryption China can.



[–]IS_JOKE_COMRADE 72 指標 19小時前
Meanwhile Zuckerberg is personally handled by Pooh Bear’s propaganda department and would bend over and stick his head up his own ass for the right to do business in China


[–]Zyxos2 61 指標 18小時前
He even went as far as letting Xi name his unborn child…
This man is impressively insane


[–]BonzwazzleAustralia 13 指標 12小時前
haha i always remind people of this it’s funny how Pooh bear even thought it was weird and was like ‘uhh no…’

哈哈, 我经常提醒人们这个,有趣的是维尼会认为这很奇怪然后说:“哦不……”

[–]reddit_is_r_cringe 20 指標 15小時前*
Holy fuck. This guy really is the greediest fucking shrew.


[–]Lord-Uranus 3 指標 13小時前
You were down voted because people think there are greedier


[–]ArcboundChampion 4 指標 8小時前
Zuckerberg certainly has a certain brand of crazy greed though. It’s abundantly clear to everyone else that Xi would rather die than let Facebook in the mainland yet Zuckerberg tries crazy stunt after crazy stunt to try anyway.


[–]cuteshooter 1 指標 5小時前
He’s married to one. Didn’t work for Murdoch either.
Can u say? Handler…
(See The Ghost Writer good movie)


[–]lvfeiliGermany 1 指標 4小時前



[–]derrickcopeUnited States 34 指標 18小時前
Aren’t they now hosted on servers in China? Sorry Tim even though we are fellow Alabamians I don’t believe you for one moment.


[–]derrickcopeUnited States 5 指標 17小時前
I think he is playing words games. The ChineSe can’t read the messages without a warrant.


[–]LaoSh 6 指標 17小時前
I think men with guns showing up at a server farm with a USB would not have the same opinion.


[–]derrickcopeUnited States 2 指標 17小時前
That is warranted


[–]alhuxley 4 指標 10小時前
actually he just means that they aren’t very fluent in English so they can’t read it
they totally have access to the messages contents thoughh


[–]YZJay 1 指標 7小時前
Ever heard of end to end encryption?


[–]derrickcopeUnited States 1 指標 7小時前
The encryption keys are stores on apples servers.


[–]YZJay 2 指標 7小時前
It’s stored on the sender and receiver’s phones. That’s what end to end encryption means.


[–]IronSabre 6 指標 14小時前
Is data from user around the globe being stored in China or is it just data from chinese users?


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